Internal Auditor


Internal Auditor Job Summary: A highly skilled Internal Auditor will add value and optimize the University's fiscal operations through a systematic and disciplined approach to maximizing the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes. The internal auditor will possess a thorough knowledge of accounting procedures, a commitment to excellence, and a sound, data-driven sense of judgment; have the skills and sensibilities vital to the successful performance of all duties regarding the full audit cycle, including risk management and control management of operational effectiveness and financial reliability; have a deep commitment to compliance with all applicable directives and regulations. The internal auditor will objectively review the university's business processes; evaluate the efficacy of risk management procedures that are currently in place; protect against fraud and theft of the University's assets; ensure that the university is complying with relevant laws and statutes; and make recommendations on how to improve internal controls and governance processes. The goal of the internal auditing function will be to gather fiscal information that can be analyzed and converted into valuable insights into how the university can be run more efficiently using the following generally accepted practice of internal auditing: Observing the target business environment Inspecting the specific risk management, financial reporting and productivity strategies that are currently in place Inquiring or asking questions of management personnel related to the effectiveness of the current internal controls Confirming whether the goals and objectives of the business are being met Collectively, the internal auditing process will allow the auditor to collect information and evidence, analyze the collected data and report back to the Board of Trustees with suggestions for improvement if necessary. The university's business activities will be measured by the following standards: Conducting special studies Analyzing business policies, processes and procedures Defining audit objectives Deciding the nature and extent of the audit procedure Stating final opinions and conclusions Reporting and distributing findings to the board and management

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